In order to answer the question, “on what day did the Messiah die?,” we need to understand the spring and fall feast days known today as the Jewish Feast days. What follows is an explanation of the feast days as established by the Most High.

Understanding the Feast Days of YHVH!

The Most High is an Elohim of extreme order and purpose!  I know that some of you still have confusion with regard to the feast days , so let me explain them in greater detail!  There are a total of 7 Feast Days!  They go in order and are grouped as the Spring Feast of Passover, Unleavened Bread, First-Fruits and Shavuot as well as the Fall Feasts of Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur and Tabernacles.  They are known today as the Jewish Feast; however, nowhere in the scriptures do we find mention of them being the Jewish Feasts!  It does mention that it is YHVH’s Feast Days and were to be followed by Israel.  Israel, at the time of the exodus to Mount Sinai, were made up of 12 divided tribes with the tribe of Judah (the Jews) being just one of the twelve tribes.

So, here they are in a visual format…


How do these Feasts tie in with the Messiah?

The Messiah fulfilled the first three Spring Feasts to the very day, hour and moment in time, thus fulfilling the Torah! The Ruach (Holy Spirit) fulfilled the fourth Feast of Shavuot/ Pentecost.  We know from scripture that Yahshua will fulfill the fall feasts to the very day, hour and moment.  This is why everything I have presented up to this point falls on the fall feast days.  It is because it is the Almighty’s Appointed Feasts.  They highlight future events or shadow pictures of good things to come as well as judgment events in the very near future.  Until you realize that everything points to the Creator’s Fall Feast Days as His Appointed Feasts (mow’ed), then figuring this all out apart from those feast days is absolutely futile and is the reason why so many prophecy gurus in the past have been so wrong with date setting.

In order to clarify and to show you the significance of these feasts, I need to explain in detail the fulfillment of the Spring Feasts of Passover.  By covering the spring feasts and their fulfillment, you will understand the significance of the fall feast and why they need to be fulfilled in the same manner as the spring feasts.

The Messiah died on a Wednesday, Not a Friday!

Unfortunately, there has been some false teachings that have been inherited by the Church.  One of the biggest lies says that Yahshua died on a Friday and arose on the first day of the week, Sunday.  Yahushua did not die on a Friday and arise on a Sunday.  If that were the case, then He could not be the Messiah!

In order to explain this, I need to make reference to the following image titled, Hebraic & Gregorian Day. It is difficult to break this down with our westernized mindset, so this is the reason for the image.  What you will notice is the correlation of the Hebraic day compared to the Gregorian day.  Notice that Friday night would be sunset of the 6th day, just before the Sabbath (Shmitah) of rest on the 7th day.  The beginning of the 7th day would in fact be the beginning of 12 hours of night until Saturday morning at sunrise, the 7th day.  This would account for the 1st night and would begin day number one, which would last for 12 hours until of day until sunset Saturday night, which would account for the second night.  It would have been at that moment that Yahshua more than likely would have resurrected, this being the beginning of the first day, Sunday.  With that said, it is a possibility that he could of resurrected before sunrise Sunday morning.


In reality, according to the common belief within Christianity, Yahshua would have been in the grave for… 1 Day & 2 Nights!

This would have violated the Torah and would have made Yahshua a Torah breaker, which He was not!  This is a big reason why the Jewish People still today reject their Hebrew Messiah, simply because of this false belief system being preached from the pulpits.  This false belief system is as a result of allowing paganism within the church.

By Understanding the Feast Days and reading the Scripture we can clearly see what Day Yahshua died.

So, if Friday is the wrong day, then what day would He have died?

The reality is that Yahshua came the first time in order to become the perfect sacrificial lamb required for the forgiveness of sins.  He was the Passover sacrificial lamb who died on Passover, Nisan 14.  He fulfilled Passover, was buried on the beginning of the Feast of Unleavened Bread and resurrected 72 hours later on the Feast of Firstfruits.  He fulfilled the Torah by fulfilling the spring feasts.  By going to Torah Calendar, we can travel back in time and view which Passover that would have qualified for His actual death, burial and resurrection.  Please view the following image.

day did Jesus die cross

Torah Calendar has determined the year 34 CE for this fulfillment with Pesach (Passover) being Wednesday.

Part of the confusion within Christianity has to do with this idea of the high Sabbath.  John 19:31 states…

Therefore, since it was the Preparation Day, that the bodies should not remain on the stake on the Sabbath – for that Sabbath was a high one – the Yehuḏim asked Pilate to have their legs broken, and that they be taken away.”  John 19:31 (emphasis added in bold)

You will notice that it says that it was a High Sabbath!  The High Sabbath happens after the Feast of Passover every year.  That high sabbath fell on the beginning of Nisan 15.  The majority of Pastors and Christian Leaders still hold on to the “Traditions of Men” that says that the Sabbath must have been Saturday and hence his death on Friday.  Be careful not to buy into the lies that have been inherited from our forefathers, Jeremiah 16:12-13!