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Rabbi Kaduri’s Prophecy Concerning Tabernacles & the Gog and Magog War!

Back in September 24th, 2001, Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri would have uttered the following words:

“On Hashanah Rabbah, the actual war of Gog and Magog will commence and will last for some seven years.”

It was widely believed at that time that this prophetic utterance was meant for the year 2001 as the terrorist attacks of 9-11 had happened just 13 days earlier and with the largest U.S. stock market drop in the history of Wall Street happening 7 days later on Elul 29 of the Jewish calendar.  Those aware of the prophecy were keeping a close eye on Yom Kippur, a Day destined for judgment, with the start of the Gog and Magog war that was believed to begin on October the 8th of 2001 or on the final day of Tabernacles known as Hashahah Rabbah.

According to an article written by Destination Yisra’el, ” the Zohar, the judgment of the Divine is sealed for the New Year on Yom Kippur. Yet this sealed judgment is notdelivered until the seventh day of Sukkot. Until this day, each individual verdict and decree for the New Year can still be altered. With the salutation spoken in Yiddish, “A guten kvitel or A good note” they proclaim the hope that the verdict of the Almighty is positive, as they officially end the new years.”  In other words, the judgment from the Almighty is sealed on Yom Kippur and ultimately delivered on the final day of Tabernacles.

Surprisingly, it would have been October 7th, 2001 on Hashanah Rabbah that “U.S. and British forces began an aerial bombing campaign” against Al-Qaeda and Taliban forces that would have officially began the “War on Terror.”  From the stand point of Rabbi Kaduri’s prophecy, it would have seemed that his prophecy would have come to fruition in the following years.  As history has proven, that Shmitah year did not bring about the start of the Gog and Magog War.

For those not familiar with the Mog and Magog War, this final “Latter Day” war will commence in the Middle East, resulting in a coalition of armies being made up and identified in the geographical areas identified today as Russia, Iran, Germany, Turkey and a host of Islamic countries.  What we are witnessing in TODAY’S news is this build up of these countries with the addition of China. The Gog and Magog War can be read in Ezekiel 38 and 39 with China identified in Revelation 9:16 and Revelation 16:12 as the “King of the East” with a 200 million army that they could easily bring together with a male population fit for military service in excess of 600,000,000.

Could it Be that We are Witnessing Rabbi Kaduri’s Prophecy Concerning Tabernacles & the Gog and Magog War Beginning this 7th Day of Tabernacles?

According to the Jewish calendar, today is Hashanah Rabbah or the 7th day of the Feast of Tabernacles.  Unlike 2001, we are indeed seeing a massive and quickening build up of Russian and Chinese Military Assets in Syria.  Could it be that it will be this 2nd Shmitah (2nd witness) from 2001, in which we see the fulfillment of this prophecy spoken by Rabbi Kaduri?  It certainly seems to be heading this way, nonetheless!

On top of this, this prophecy seems to line up with what is revealed in my book, SEPTEMBER 2021.  Take a look at the following image that identified Yom Kippur 2015 as being the Appointed Feast of Judgment that would begin Daniel’s 70th week of years.  According to the graph, we would have entered the 50th Year of the Creator’s Jubilee on September 24th, 2015 and thus the 50th Year according to Leviticus 25:8-10.  The question remains, did the world enter the 50th year and will this coming Gog and Magog War confirm this timeline?  According to the prophecy, will this 7th Day of Tabernacles reveal the start of the Gog and Magog War?


Keep in mind that according to Torah Calendar, Hashanah Rabbah begins October 5th/6th 2015, so we may or may not have a clear indication of war by this time.  Only time will tell!

Reflecting on September 2015!

Are We Truly Headed for WW3?

“I have set watchmen on your walls, O Yerushalayim, all the day and all the night, continually, who are not silent. You who remember יהוה, give yourselves no rest,..”  (Isaiah 62:6)


It is clear that the Feasts of Yom Teruah and Yom Kippur went out without much fan fare and without a clear decisive indicator of judgment from the Almighty.  The question remains, does this indicate that the Creator has passed-over His judgment on the nations since Yom Kippur is the Day destined for judgment?  In order to analyzing this properly, I would rather wait and see once Tabernacles and the month of Tishri have completely passed in history as Tishri is the 7th (Shmitah) month destined for judgment.

Russia and Yom Teruah 2015

With regard to September 2015, it seems logical that tribulation would have begun during this time especially with regard to what is written on this website with the many pages and articles on this subject matter.  As we all know, prophecy unfolds much different than our minds can conceive or fully understand and is the reason why I am still keeping an eye on geopolitical events until the month of Tishri expires.

To the untrained eye, It seems nothing happened on the Fall Feast Days, yet there are certain events that initiated on the Feast Days of Yom Teruah and Yom Kippur that are building in suspense and will have deep prophetic significance to the world at large in the coming days and months ahead.  Although we did not witness clear indications of judgment as what we would expect to be clearly identified on the Fall Feast Days, we also know that the Creator speaks to us in subtle ways and that His ways are not our ways.  In this article, I plan to highlight what events have taken place on the Feasts of 2015 with Tabernacles a few days away.

Putin 3

Personally, I was able to identify a handful of events that have taken place and I was able to make connections to not only the feast days, but to the leaders and the nations that will take part in the fulfillment of Bible prophecy in the coming months and years to come.

russian subOne of these events is the clear build up of Russian Military Assets inclusive of the world’s largest Russian submarine armed with 200 nuclear warheads that just happened to arrive in Syria on the eve of Yom Teruah (9-13-15) of the Jewish calendar.  In an article written by Fox News, the buildup of Russian military assets was the “first sign of offensive weapons.”

Syria is very significant for various reasons and those who have spiritual understanding will clearly identify this as being the start of the build up of the coming Gog and Magog War according to such Scriptures as Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39 and possibly the coming Psalm 83 war with Russia acting as a possible support for an invasion by the Arab countries that will come against Israel in these latter days.

The recent build up of Russian assets has even forced Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu to forge an alliance with Russia’s President Putin that will potentially avoid any military interventions between the two nations.  This is quickly becoming entangled when one realizes that Russia is not only aligned with Iran, but with Syria, China and the BRICS nations, with Iran being the nation that may benefit enormously from the potential Iran Deal that has been praised by Pope Francis, leaving Israel in a vulnerable position with their target still on Iran’s nuclear infrastructure.  The entanglement heightens when Russia is clearly standing up against the set goals and wishes of Washington and the Pentagon, that being that Russia should stay out of the affairs of the U.S. led coalition against IS/ISIS within Syria that was initiated by the United States through UNSC Resolution #2178.  But there is more going on in Syria than what is being revealed in the mainstream media.

The Bigger Picture Behind Syria

Israel concerned

At the time of this writing, not only does Russia continue to build up military assets including an additional 2,000 troops within Syria, but China is now coming to the aid of Russia in what appears to be the beginning of a military alliance of military support for the Assad Government by sending one of China’s aircraft carriers to the Mediterranean and potentially other military assets in the near future.

You might be asking, “What is the real reason behind Putin’s decision to build up military assets in Syria?”  According to an article by NBC News, “From the Kremlin’s point of view, U.S.-led operations to overthrew governments in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as the West’s ouster of Libyan ruler Moammar Gadhafi in 2011, only increased instability and boosted radicalism in the Middle East.”  In other words, the United States has done a great job at destabilizing the Middle East and will continue to deteriorate if Syria falls to ISIS or other rogue groups.  This is possibly a very good reason for Russia to step in, yet I believe there is even more going on with Russia’s recent military build up.

Some very good sources are saying this is the beginning of WW3 as many who understand geopolitical events have stated that Syria will be the nation where WW3 begins.  Keep in mind that all of this build up has happened between the 10 days of Awe between Yom Teruah to Yom Kippur with Russian Marines having their first battle against ISIS forces on Yom Kippur.  This is just starting and there is more to come as this build up will not be stopped by the United States unless the U.S. can convince the world body through the United Nations Security Council to pass a resolution stopping Russia from moving forward.  With that said, Russia along with China have already vetoed 4 resolutions from the UNSC with regard to ruling on Syria to the criminal court and would veto any attempt to set restrictions against these two nations.  In addition, both Russia and China have shown very strong opposition to any type of resolution against Syria and actually walked out of a UN Security council meeting last month as things are really heating up. The real question remains, Will the Russians “join the U.S.-led fight against ISIS or prop up al-Assad?”  This question will be addressed in front of the UN General Assembly this coming Monday 9-28-15 (Tabernacles) as Putin will make the case before the world community for its stance in Syria, while I am sure that the United States will makes its case for Russia to leave.

America’s Fight to Remain the World’s Super Power!

Most informed people who are spiritually awake realize that America has changed for the worst through the past two presidential administrations.  We are sinking as the world’s moral super power and are losing our individual liberties that have given way to security and out of control debt that turns the average working American into one who is burdened by increase taxes and debt.

Through the leadership of Russia and the BRICS nations, we are seeing, for the first time, a true push away from the US Dollar and a push for a new global currency backed by gold and away from a credit based system.  The push away from the Petrodollar is something that the BRICS nations are gaining ground on.  According to a recent article, “Russia is bleeding the Petrodollar dry by leading the BRIC nations in the purchase of Iranian oil for gold.”  The United States has clearly benefited from Middle Eastern oil as the U.S. Dollar was the medium of exchange in order for all nations to purchase oil, thus benefiting the United States enormously.

With that said, there are nations, once loyal to the United States, now jumping ship and forming new political alliances with the BRICS nations. Two such nations, just recently, have been  France and Germany, who have clearly switched sides according to an article written on Yom Kippur 2015.  I believe Dave Hodge’s recent article, China Joining Russia In Syria While Germany Prepares to Leave NATO In Advance of World War III describes this notion on how the United States is holding on to power through this power struggle in Syria.

The Pope’s Visit to the United States, New York, the UN and the Clear Shepherd of All Faiths!

interfaith prayer

Pope Francis leads the inter-faith prayer on 9-25-15 in New York.

Aside from the rising military presence in Syria by both Russia and China during the Fall Feasts, we can’t discount Pope Francis’ visit to the White House to meet with President Obama, his speech before the U.S. Congress and his speech before the United Nations General Assembly.

As you might be aware, the timing and significance of these events pointed to the Fall Feast Days of Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur and Tabernacles.  It would have been exactly on 9-15-15 (Yom Teruah) that the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly would have begun with Pope Francis meeting with President Obama on 9-23-15 (the eve of Yom Kippur), speaking to both houses of Congress on 9-24-15 (Yom Kippur) and then from 9-25-15 to 9-27-28 will be speaking to the UN General Assembly until the eve of Tabernacles and the final Blood Moon of the Hebraic Tetrad (image) regarding his new Universal Agenda Plan.

Many Bible students of eschatology hold to the idea that Pope Francis is the actual False Prophet as written in the Book of Revelation and other prophetic books.  This may in fact be the case as this pope seems to fit very well with the 8th King of Revelation chapter 17 and how he ties perfectly well with the Saint Malachy prophecies as I have written about.  To confirm this belief, pictured is Pope Francis HEADING the international multi-religious prayer on 9-25-15 while in that great city, New York.

September 2015 Pointed out the Key Players!

In conclusion and from my perspective, the Fall Feast Days of YHVH point, highlight or place emphasis on the following places, nations, people and entities:

  1.   Pope Francis
  2.   President Obama
  3.   New York, New York (the Great City)
  4.   The Vatican
  5.   The United States
  6.   The United Nations
  7.   Syria (Damascus)
  8.   Russia  (Magog)
  9.   Putin (Gog)
  10.   China (King of the East)
  11.   Israel

While there were no fireworks of judgment displayed on the Feast Days, in retrospect, I do believe that the Feast Days indicated the major end times players and places that will take part in fulfilling Bible Prophecy in the near future.  When will these things begin to take place?  I believe they are taking place now as the stage is being set, yet just not the way that we might perceive them from happening and definitely not as an official start of tribulation as I had perceived.

As to when the official start of tribulation will happen?  I don’t know and I will not be attempting to set dates, but I am not ruling out Tishri 2015 quite yet!


September 23, 2015 Jubilee Connection!

The September 23, 2015 Jubilee Connection and how it ties into the Latter Days and the Beginning of Tribulation!

After searching on the internet and YouTube, I decided to give my take to the time period from September 22nd to 24th of 2015.  There seems to be lots of buzz between this period of time especially subliminal messages from movies, commercials and tv shows that signify these dates.  Even Jim Staley has his take on this date and does a good job of discussing the details associated with this date.  Be sure top watch the video above if you get a  chance.

I have my own take on September 23, 2015 Jubilee and why it is so significant and prevalent especially in the entertainment industry and even to major geo-political realms.  The following video does a good job at identify this date in the entertainment industry such as the Simpsons, Evan Almighty and even the major start up of the CERN Collider set to take place at this time.

I would like to add my take in all of this especially is it relates to the Creator and His Appointed Feast of Yom Kippur.  Please view the following image titled, the 3 Pillar Foundation


As you will notice, the eve of the 3 major Feast Days of Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur and Tabernacles are represented on this graph.  The eve of Yom Teruah is also known as Elul 29, 2015 or the Shmitah Release Day made famous by Jonathan Cahn whereas the release of wealth is expected to take place in the financial markets on this date.  The Gregorian date is 9-13-2015 on the Jewish calendar or 9-14-2015 on Torah Calendar.  9-14-15 is on Monday when the financial markets are expected to be open, just a few days away.


The next major feast day takes place 10 days later on the eve of Tishri 10 (September 23, 2015) or the eve of Yom Kippur with Yom Kippur falling on 9-24-2015 (see the image titled, Creator’s Jubilee).  Yom Kippur is the Appointed Feast that signifies Judgment by the Almighty and will be the day that ushers in the 50th Year of the Creator’s Jubilee.  The Creator’s Jubilee is a 50 year period of time that is made up of 49- 360 day cycles that account for 17,640 days from June 7th, 1967.  June 7th is highly significant because it was the 7th day after the 6 Day War giving the Jewish people dominion over Jerusalem for the first time in over 2,000 years and that set off the latter day countdown timer of the start of the final week of Daniel’s 70th week prophecy.  It just so happens that 17,640 days from June 7th, 1967 is September 23, 2015 or the eve of Yom Kippur 2015.  As can be seen from the graph, Yom Kippur or September 24, 2015 will begin the 50th Year of the Creator’s Jubilee. In addition, the Creator’s Jubilee is a double prophetic fulfillment of Daniel’s 7th week or 49 years according to Daniel 9:25

“Know, then, and understand: from the going forth of the command to restore and build Yerushalayim until Messiah the Prince is seven weeks and sixty-two weeks. It shall be built again, with streets and a trench, but in times of affliction.”

It will also begin Daniel’s 70th week and the fulfillment of the beginning of Daniel’s Final week until all is complete.  This leads me to highlight my theory known as the Richardson Theory.  Please view this image below.

The Richardson Theory Graph

The Richardson Theory essentially places all of the pieces of Bible Prophecy together that covers a period of time from Yom Teruah 2014 to Yom Kippur 2021.

As you can see, from the period of time from Yom Teruah to Yom Kippur 2015 begins the 6 years of tribulation until all is complete.  I discuss this theory more in depth within my book and the incredible divine connections and patterns that lead to this graph.  For more on this, I would recommend visiting the promo site of my book, September 2021 in order to gain a better understanding on the Richardson Theory and the implications of September 23, 2015 Jubilee.

For a greater in depth study on the Creator’s Jubilee and the connection and proof of the 17,640 days, I would recommend reading Creator’s Jubilee September 2015.

Rapture September 2016?

The Possibilities Behind the Rapture September 2016!

The following is the most logical explanation for the Rapture of the Church or the Groom coming for His Bride during or just before the Feast of Yom Teruah/Yom Kippur of 2016.  Please view the image titled, Age of Messiah to the Age of Life, compliments of


Age of Messiah to Age of Life!

This diagram shows the critical one year period of time that being September 2015 to September 2016.  If my logic and intuition are correct, then we can expect a break down of society starting from Yom Teruah 2015, with Yom Kippur being the official Appointed Feast (Mow’ed) of tribulation.

Notice how Torah Calendar shows the Gregorian date of September 2014 as being the start of the Day of יהוה .”  That phrase is used to signify judgment from the Almighty that has been appointed (Appointed Feast) to fall on Yom Kippur.  The context of this phrase comes from the 58th & 61st chapters of Isaiah.  “…Do you call this a fast, and an acceptable day to יהוה?” (Isaiah 58:5)(read the entire chapter for context).  This identifies the “Great Day” of Yom Kippur while, “to proclaim the acceptable year of יהוה, and the day of vengeance of our Elohim” (Isaiah 61:2) describes the Day being Yom Kippur and the Year being the 50th Year of Jubilee.

It should be clear that judgment did not begin Yom Kippur 2014 as Torah Calendar is off exactly one year as the year 6,000 will begin September 2015 with the year 6,001 (the beginning of the 7th Millennium) beginning September 2016 as being the most logical date for the Rapture September 2016.  For those of you not familiar with my logic of the tribulation beginning in September 2015, then I would recommend reading my recent article titled, the Final Shmitah Connection to 2021.  This article lays a good foundation of this concept as well as a good foundation for my book, September 2021.

Using the corrected start date of the Day of יהוה as being Yom Kippur 2015 and ending on the eve of Yom Kippur 2016, then we can view this diagram once more in a new understanding.  It is my belief and understanding that the Groom comes for his Bride from a period of time from Yom Teruah to Yom Kippur 2016 as they indicate, “Marriage of the Lamb” and “Resurrection of the Righteous” at this time.  Notice that the civil calendar year 6,001 will finalize the “Age of Messiah” and is a critical point until the “Age of Life,” which represents the Messianic Kingdom in this case as the Bride is taken into heaven who will then return back to Earth with Yahshua to establish His Kingdom on Earth while the inhabitants of the earth are judged.

I am not one who believes in a pre-tribulation rapture, but rather believes that the Body of Messiah (the Church) must be refined by the refiner’s fire of tribulation for at least one year in order for purification.  This makes the most sense to me and seems to line up with the beginning of the 7th millennium, that being Yom Teruah to Yom Kippur 6,001 and the Rapture September 2016.  Please notice the “Resurrection of the Righteous by this Time” on the Graph.

Please take note that this  idea or theory is simply my observation and perspective along with the perspective from Torah Calendar and may not represent actual events coming to past as described!

The Final Shmitah Connection 2021!

What is the Final Shmitah Connection 2021?

For those of you interested in knowing what my new book, SEPTEMBER 2021 is all about, then continue reading as I lay out a very good foundation of some of the key points that are made on this website and that are reflected in the book.  This article is being written in an attempt to make a connection to the final Shmitah & the Connection to 2021 with the final seven year period of time being: Yom Teruah 2014 to Yom Kippur 2021.

How does Daniel Chapter 12 Line up with Bible Prophecy?

The final Shmitah connection 2021 begins with the understanding of the 12th chapter of Daniel and the 1260, 1290 and 1335 days.  These are actual three periods of time that are being fulfilled Now in the latter days.  These days do not represent some type of allegory, but a specific road map that identifies a very specific period of time.  Often times there are double prophetic fulfillments of Bible prophecy that I have discovered while researching for facts.  There are some who hold to the belief that these periods are actually years and that these periods of time in years have been fulfilled, which might be true to a certain extent, especially when one realizes the connection of the 1,260 Years to certain events that have happened in the past.

My focus in this article will to be to highlight the final Shmitah connection 2021 with a laser sharp focus on the final 2550 (1260+1290) days from Yom Teruah 2014 to Yom Kippur 2021!

Daniel Chapter 12 for Context!

Because the 12th chapter of the Book of Daniel is so critical in understand the latter days, I have included the entire chapter below highlighting the important points in bold with regard to our time and what will be covered in this article.  The period of time from Yom Teruah 2014 to Yom Kippur 2021 will start to make sense and hopefully you will make some of the connections to the 12th chapter as well as to the final Shmitah connection to 2021.  The translation of the bible that I use is ISR98, so some of the names may appear different than what you are use to.

1“Now at that time Miḵa’ĕl shall stand up, the great head who is standing over the sons of your people. And there shall be a time of distress, such as never was since there was a nation, until that time. And at that time your people shall be delivered, every one who is found written in the book,
2and many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth wake up, some to everlasting life, and some to reproaches, everlasting abhorrence.
3“And those who have insight shall shine like the brightness of the expanse, and those who lead many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever.
4“But you, Dani’ĕl, hide the words, and seal the book until the time of the end. Many shall diligently search and knowledge shall increase.”
5Then I, Dani’ĕl, looked and saw two others standing, one on this bank of the river and the other on that bank.
6And one said to the man dressed in linen, who was above the waters of the river, “How long until the end of these wonders?”
7And I heard the man dressed in linen, who was above the waters of the river, and he held up his right hand and his left hand to the heavens, and swore by Him who lives forever, that it would be for a time, times, and half a time. And when they have ended scattering the power of the set-apart people, then all these shall be completed.
8And I heard, but I did not understand, so I said, “My master, what is the latter end of these matters?”
9And he said, “Go, Dani’ĕl, for the words are hidden and sealed till the time of the end.
10“Many shall be cleansed and made white, and refined. But the wrong shall do wrong – and none of the wrong shall understand, but those who have insight shall understand.
11“And from the time that which is continual is taken away, and the abomination that lays waste is set up, is one thousand two hundred and ninety days.
12Blessed is he who is waiting earnestly, and comes to the one thousand three hundred and thirty-five days.
13“But you, go your way till the end. And rest, and arise to your lot at the end of the days.”  Daniel 12 (ISR98, Emphasis in bold)

The opening verse points to a period of time identified as a “time of distress, such as never was since there was a nation, until that time.”  This is identifying the time of Jacob’s trouble more accurately identified as the time of Israel’s trouble.  The focus is on Israel and this is where the tribulation seems to start or initiate from, whereas the whole world will be effected as Jerusalem will become a burdensome stone, “And in that day it shall be that I make Yerushalayim a very heavy stone for all peoples – all lifting it are severely injured. And all the nations of the earth shall be gathered against it.”  Zechariah 12:3

More than likely it will be the representative of Russia, who will “chair” the role as “President” of the United Nations Security Council, who will vote along with 15 other powerful nations to allow Palestine to be recognized as a nation this coming September 2015.  Last year, as some of you may know, it was a representative from the United States who chaired as “President” of the UNSC, whereas a covenant was confirmed between the same 15 powerful nations on the eve of Yom Teruah.  Something to definitely keep an eye on for sure.

Verse two identifies the Bridegroom coming for His Bride, “And at that time your people shall be delivered, every one who is found written in the book, and many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth wake up, some to everlasting life, and some to reproaches, everlasting abhorrence.”  Since these events have not happened, it is my understanding that these verses identify a period of time we are quickly approaching!  Learn how the Ancient Jewish Wedding will be fulfilled through the Messiah.

Verses 7, 11 and 12 address these three periods of time namely the 1260 (a time, times, and half a time), 1290 and 1335 days. The “a time, times, and half a time” is an ancient way of saying 1 year + 2 years + 1/2 year or ((360 +720 + 180) = 1,260 days).

The Book of Daniel & the Connection to the Feast Days!

Did you know that that chapter 12 identifies the Feast Days of YHVH?  It does, but just not directly!  I will show you what I mean.

When you incorporate the Feast Days of Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur and Shavuot, Bible prophecy opens up and brings clarity to what is written especially with regard to the latter days.  View the image below titled, Daniel Chapter 12


As you can see from the image, 2550 days, the addition of 1260 +1290, results in an amazing fulfillment of bible prophecy.  Adding 2550 days from Tishri 1 of Yom Teruah, brings the future date to Tishri 10 of Yom Kippur.  In addition, if that were not remarkable enough, adding 1335 days from Yom Teruah, brings the future date to Shavuot.  This is what I call a double confirmation or a second witness that point to the Feast Days of YHVH.

The Connection to the Metonic Lunar Moon Cycle!

The graph above is straight forward and easy to understand and comprehend with regard to these days lining up with the feast days.  It gets more complicated when one accounts for the metonic lunar moon cycle.

Since the Jewish Calendar is a lunar based calendar system, there is a need to balance the moon cycles with the seasons of the solar year.  This is done through what is known as intercalation or the addition of an additional moon cycle known as an Adar II or a 13th month once every two or three years.  This cycle of adding a leap month or Adar II comes from the application of using the Metonic lunar moon cycle.  According to this cycle, an Adar II is added to the Jewish calendar every 3, 6, 8, 11, 14, 17 and 19 years of a 19 year cycle.  This is based upon the Metonic cycle that I discovered after visiting Gavin Finley’s website where he discuss’ the importance of incorporating intercalation to Daniel’s Prophecy.

To help explain the 2,550 days and how they relate to today, I must show you a graph from Gavin Finley’s website that will bring this into laser focus.  Please view his graph titled, The Fall Feasts of Israel...

1 - Gavin Finley 1

As you might have noticed, the 2,550 days fit precisely between Tishri 1 to Tishri 10.  Other ways of saying 2,550 days might be…

  • 86 moon + 10 days
  • 7 Biblical Years + 30 days
  • (7 x 360-Day Cycles) + 30 days
  • 2,520 + 30 days ( One Shmitah is 2,520 days)
  • It is not, However, the 70th week + 30 days
  • 1260 + 1260 + 30 days
  • 1260 + 1290 days

All of these make absolutely perfect sense to me and I hope to you as well or will by the end of this article.  With regard to the 70th week + 30 days, the assumption is that the final week known as Daniel’s final 70th week, begins the 2,550 days.  I show why this is not the case as I explain my theory at the end of this article.

As can be seen, the 1260 and 1290 days of Daniel’s prophecy is present and fits between Tishri 1 and Tishri 10 precisely.  Now, lets discover what period of time this represents.

Daniel Chapter 12: the Years 2014 to 2021!

So, what do we do with this information!  How do we fit it in to our time and especially the final Shmitah connection 2021?  The answer is the Metonic Lunar Moon Cycle and Torah Calendar.

The image below is from Gavin Finley’s website and shows this period of 2,550 days starting on Yom Teruah of the years 2012 to 2021.  He uses the phrase, “Qualifies for the 70th week” which is not the case as previously discussed; however, it does “Qualify for the 2,550 Days.”

This graph is based upon the Metonic Moon Cycles that incorporate an additional Adar II or 13th month every two or three years.  You can view more on the Metonic Lunar Cycle on Wikipedia.  See the image below…

Gavin-86 moons

What you will notice from this image that there are certain start years that either qualify for the 2,550 days or do not qualify for the 2,550 days.  The start years that do qualify are 2014, 2017 and 2019.  The remaining years highlighted in grey would not qualify for the start of the 2,550 days and thus would not qualify for the fulfillment of Bible prophecy as it relates to the Fall Feast Days.  Of course, the assumption is that the Feast days of YHVH will be fulfilled, which is less of an assumption and more of a fact especially when one considers the amazing connections to the eve of major fall feast days.

You will notice, the period of time highlighted in yellow is a period of time from Tishri 1, 2014 to Tishri 10, 2021.  As you may recall from the Daniel Chapter 12 image, this is the exact period of time for the qualification of the 2,550 days as it lines up with the Metonic lunar Moon Cycle.  This alone does not prove that it lines up with the year 2014 which leads me to ask the question, “what about the year 2017 or 2019?”

The next thing would be to see how this lines up with Torah Calendar.  My research points to the three periods of time that would qualify (YT is Yom Teruah and YK is Yom Kippur). They are…

  • YT (9/24/2014) +2,550 days = YK (9/17/2021)
  • YT (9/20/2017) +2,550 days = YK (9/13/2024)
  • YT (9/17/2020) +2,550 days = YK (9/19/2029)

This is a result of using to find the Gregorian dates and using Torah Calendar to determine the feast days.

As you may have noticed, there seems to be a slight conflict with Torah Calendar and the Metonic lunar moon cycle. The Metonic lunar cycle from YT 2019 to YK 2026 does not line up with Torah Calendar, while YK 2020 to YK 2029 does line up with Torah Calendar, but is not reflected in the Metonic Lunar cycle.

I believe the difference is as a result of how Torah Calendar calculates the moon phases as these calculations might be slightly different from the Metonic lunar cycle. Torah Calendar uses the most advanced lunar and solar data from Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and other reliable sources that have an accuracy of + – 30 minutes in 4,000 years, according to their website. Torah Calendar also accounts for the Spring Equinox lining up on the Feast of Unleavened Bread or after.

In any event, you can clearly see at least two dates line up with both Torah Calendar and the Metonic lunar cycle and as a result act as a type of double confirmation:

  • YT (9/24/2014) +2,550 days = YK (9/17/2021)
  • YT (9/20/2017) +2,550 days = YK (9/13/2024)

Daniel Chapter 12 and the 1,335 Days!

To recap, If we begin on Yom Teruah of any given year and count out 1,335 days, we will come to Shavuot.  When we account for intercalation, we will come to the Feast of Shavuot in some years, while not in other years.  Again, the Metonic lunar cycle would play into this. By using and Torah Calendar, we see how the intercalation of the 13th month will effect the 1,335 days from either falling on Shavuot or falling one month behind this feast day. On the Creator’s Calendar, the 1,335 days will either fall on the 5th/6th of the second month or the 5th/6th of the third month. In order for the 1,335 days to land on the feast day of Shavuot, it must fall within the third month of the spiritual year. I have double checked the years from 2014 to 2019 on Torah Calendar to determine possible future fulfillment’s of this prophecy. See the following:

  • YT 9/24/2014 + 1,335 days = Shavuot 5/21/2018 (3rd month)(May 2018?)
  • YT 9/14/2015 + 1,335 days = Shavuot 5/11/2019 (3rd month)
  • YT 9/1/2016   + 1,335 days = 4/28/2020 (NOT Shavuot) (2nd month)
  • YT 9/20/2017 + 1,335 days = Shavuot 5/17/2021 (3rd month)
  • YT 9/9/2018   + 1,335 days = 5/6/2022 (NOT Shavuot) (2nd month)
  • YT 8/30/2019 + 1,335 days = 4/26/2023 (NOT Shavuot) (2nd month)

So, as you might have noticed the 1,335 day prophecy points exactly from Yom Teruah to Shavuot, while the (1,260 +1,290) day prophecy point exactly from Yom Teruah to Yom Kippur. It is logical to believe that the 2,550 days and 1,335 days tie together through their common bond of Yom Teruah. Those years, as identified, would be only two within the next 6 years. Those two years in common would be:

  • The Eve of Yom Teruah 2014 (9/24/2014)
  • The Eve of Yom Teruah 2017 (9/20/2017)

Logically, it seems that the chances are rather high that either this past YT 2014 or the future YT 2017 will play into the start of the 2,550 day count down. See the graph below for a better understanding of these two dates.

The Book of Daniel chapter 12 points to the start of the 2,550 days happening either on Yom Teruah 2014 or 2017.

The Book of Daniel chapter 12 points to the start of the 2,550 days happening either on Yom Teruah 2014 or 2017.

The Start of the Final 2,550 Days: 2014 or 2017?

There are really five major events or reasons why the start of the final 2,550 days began on the eve of Yom Teruah 2014.  They are listed as follows:

  1. The 2017 mid-tribulation sign
  2. The Shmitah week and the Covenant with the many
  3. The ending of the 49th year of the Creator’s Jubilee
  4. The Divine Confirmations

1.  The 2017 Mid-Tribulation Sign!

This mid-tribulation sign is more of a reason why the final 2,550 can’t start on Yom Teruah 2017 and that is because that is when the mid-tribulation sign will appear in the heavens.  This great sign takes place in the 12th chapter of the Book of Revelation.  It seems that the Book of Revelation was written in chronological order.  If this is the case, which it seems to be, then it is in chapter 6 where we have the loosening of the seals and a great loss of life with each seal.

Logically, it makes sense that the beginning of the final 2,550 days would take place at least two years before this great sign.

2.  The Shmitah week and the Covenant with the Many!

The weeks found in Daniel chapter 9 are Shmitah weeks or 2,520 day periods of time.  It is the Shmitah that is intimately tied into the jubilees.  See the Creator’s Jubilee image for a visual.  When “he made a Covenant with the many” on the eve of Yom Teruah 2014 (September 24, 2014), I knew it would be significant for exactly this reason, that reason being the beginning of the final 2,550 days on man’s rule on this planet.  View more on this covenant by clicking on the link above.

3.  The Ending of the 49th Year of the Creator’s Jubilee!

As I was saying, the Shmitah and the Jubilee are intimately tied together and can’t be separated.  These Shmitah cycles have been revealed from Heaven and they show an exact period of time of 2,520 days.  See the Shmitah Release Day image for this revelation made famous by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn.  For an added confirmation of these Shmitah cycles, view the Shmitah Peace Talks image.

The image below shows the divine connection of the Creator’s Jubilee that began on June 7th, 1967 and will end on the eve of Yom Kippur 2015.  The next day is Yom Kippur, and according to scripture, that is when the 50th Year of Jubilee begins.  You will notice that there are seven Shmitah cycles of 2,520 days represented with the final 70th week beginning on Yom Kippur 2015 as well.  The 70th week is the final 2,520 days that will be cut short one 360-day cycle.  This is why I made reference that the start of the 2,550 days is not the beginning of Daniel’s final 2,520 days simply because the start of the 2,550 days began Yom Teruah 2014, while the start of Daniel’s Final week will begin on Yom Kippur 2015. See the Creator’s Jubilee September 2015 article for more information!


4.  The Divine Confirmations

One of the most important confirmations is what I have called the Divine Confirmations.  See the image titled, the Divine Confirmations below…

Divine Confirmations point to Yom Kippur Tabernacles 2021

This is a double Divine Confirmation of two highly significant start dates. June 7th, 1967 was the exact day when Israel reclaimed Jerusalem and September 24th, 2014 was the day when “he” made a covenant with the many per Daniel 9:27. These two dates point to two other highly significant dates of Yom Kippur 2021 & Tabernacles 2021!

In conclusion, we find two confirmations of two highly significant dates in the year 2021.  If we take the two key dates of September 24, 2014 and June 7, 1967 and apply simple math to them, we come out to two amazing connections to the 6th and 7th feasts of Yom Kippur and Tabernacles 2021 as being the final Shmitah connection 2021.

  • September 24, 2014 + 2,550 days = the eve of Yom Kippur 2021
  • June 7, 1967 + 19,830 days = the eve of Tabernacles 2021

The 6th Feast of Yom Kippur highlights the 7th Feast Feast of Tabernacles.


The Richardson Theory Graph

The Richardson Theory essentially is placing all of the pieces of Bible Prophecy together and basically covers a period of time from Yom Teruah 2014 to Yom Kippur 2021.

The final Shmitah connection 2021 goes deeper than what is presented in this article.  For a fuller understanding and what September 2021 signifies, please click on the RICHARDSON THEORY.  Visit that link for more information!


Newly Released Book

I have been very busy for the past 5 to 6 months and is the reason why I haven’t spent much time writing post and answering everyone’s questions.  The reason for this, is that I have been researching/writing my newest book SEPTEMBER 2021- The Signs and Appointed Feasts of Messiah from September 2015 to September 2021, just released on Amazon Kindle on 8-13-15.

On top of that, I have created a new website called where you can get more information on the book as well as a bunch of new graphs and images that break down all the new revelation in simple to understand images as well as the explanation below the images. The book is meant to offer a greater explanation and documentation of what is written within this site.

From this time forward, I will be preparing myself and my family for the events that will more than likely come to pass this September.  I will also be revamping this site, September2015 by updating images, text and a creating additional pages and posts that will help explain this information with a step by step approach.  Keep checking back periodically as new information will be posted and updated for the purpose of understanding and comprehension.

Be sure to spread the word to your friends and family about this information.  Why?  Because, the KING is COMING Back and the harvest will be great while the workers will be few!

Just sending this information to just one person is a step in the right direction.  There is nothing more powerful than calling something out before it happens.  This is the reason for writing the book before September rather than after and the reason for this website.  Knowledge is Power and will help to win souls for the Kingdom.



Phil Richardson

The 7 Kings of Revelation & the 8th King, Petrus Romanus… the Final Pope!

pope-francisThis is an article I wrote back in March 6th, 2013 just prior to the selection of Pope Francis.  This article is a re-post.  I thought this article was significant because of the connection of Pope Francis (Pope Petrus) addressing the U.S. Congress on the Day of Atonement, which will occur September 24th, 2015 according to cbs news and other media.

If you are familiar with the Creator’s calendar graph then you will realize that September 24th, 2015 is a key date and signifies Day #1 of the Final Jubilee with the 23rd being the eve.  I am confident that this final Pope will play a key role, in ushering in and selling the New World Order to mankind.  My original post is posted below with some slight updated revisions such as the identity of the now 112th Pope….

So how does an 870 year-old prophecy concerning the later day popes correlate with the Bible?

The world is awake and aware of the electrifying significance of the Saint Malachy Prophecies and their relevance to world affairs!  Pope Benedict, The 111th pope, may in fact be the one described in Revelation 17:10 as the “Not Yet Come” king that stepped down on 3/13/13 from his position as the leader of The Roman Catholic Church.  The new Jesuit Pope, Pope Francis, is now officially the 112th Pope and the final one according to the prophecy.

I believe this to be true based upon the Jubilee patterns graph, the 6,000 year calendar system,  the three pillar foundation graph and others that point to 2015 as being a highly significant year with regard to the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.   We are indeed close to the end of man’s rein and the beginning of the Messianic Age.

According to the Prophecy of the Popes, Petrus Romanus, must rein and Shepard his flock through many tribulations before the dreadful Judge comes back to judge his people as the Latin Motto that describes the last Pope reads.  Unfortunately, most of the world is asleep to these prophecies and biblical prophecies in general as there is a general apathy that has swept the world.  For those who are spiritually awake, we realize that something big is about to take place pertaining to real spiritual significance.  What can be more significant than fulfillment of the later day prophecies and the return of our Savior, Yahshua, to rule with an Iron Rod?

Has this prophecy been divinely guided by the Creator as a warning in these last days or is this more of an elaborate deception for those puppet masters who are in control?  For those who are new to the Saint Malachy Prophecies, I would recommend reading a wikipedia article on the Prophecies of the Popes as I will not be covering the specifics of the Prophecies of the Popes.

Warnings of Great Deception in The Later Days!

In the Book of Matthew Chapter 24, Yahshua (Jesus) warned us of the great deception of the later days of, “False messiahs and false prophets shall arise, and they shall show great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the chosen ones.” (vs. 24) “Take heed that no one leads you astray.” (vs. 4)  “And many false prophets shall rise up and lead many astray.” (vs.11)  “See I have forewarned you.” (vs. 25)

Final 8 Popes of all Times

Pope Francis, the Final Pope according to Saint Malachy!

“And there are 5 kings: 5 have fallen, and one is, and the other has not yet come. And when he comes, he has to remain a little while. And the beast that was, an is not, is himself also the eighth, and is of the seven, and goes to destruction.” Revelation 17:10-11

In John Chapter 10, we see a glimpse of who might be some of these false prophets.  Here, Yahshua describes the difference between a true shepherd and that of a hireling.  The hireling cares not for the sheep, but rather flees because he is a hireling.  He sees the wolf coming and leaves the sheep and flees and the wolf snatches the sheep.

There seems to be a spirit of deception in these final days in that our spiritual leaders are more interested in building their personal kingdoms here on earth rather than teaching the true good news and that of being an Ezekiel 33 watchman who warns of impending danger.  Most of our mainstream prominent leaders are part of the “Good Ol Boy Christian Club” mega type of churches and they have there “feel good grace gospel” with no room to offend.  These 501-c3 Churches are more concerned about not rocking the boat with the IRS than warning about events to come.

I only bring this up to show that the deception would run deeper than most Christians would be lead to believe.  Do most reading this find it hard to comprehend that Revelation Chapter 13 and 17 could possibly refer to the Vatican and the Popes?   A majority of Pastors are silent on this subject and would rather not bring up this subject than to offend their Catholic Brethren or violate their congregational creed.

Are the Saint Malachy Prophecies being Manipulated?

Some make a good argument that the powers that be are manipulating the outcome of the popes and helping to guide these outcomes as to fulfill of these prophecies and their latin mottos.  There may be some truth to that; however, I would like to point out that some of these latin mottos are beyond human control.  Keep in mind that this prophecy went into print back in 1595 AD with the invention of the Gutenburg printing device and has since gone mega viral over the internet, thus we can conclude that most of what has been written past 1595 AD is accurate.  Remarkably, a few of the later day latin mottos are more precise and have been fulfilled beyond the hand of any manipulators as you shall see.

As an example, Pope #104, Benedict XV who ruled from 1914 to 1922 was given the motto of “Religio Depopulata” or “Religion Depopulated” or “Religion Laid Waste”.  During his rein as a pope, roughly 200 million Orthodox Christians left the church to become communist while roughly 43 million Christians who did not leave the church were eventually murdered by the state.

Pope # 110, John Paul II, who ruled from 1978 to 2005 had the latin motto, “De Labore Solis” or “The Labor of The Son” or “Toil of The Sun”.  Interestingly, he was born on may, 18, 1920 with a total eclipse of the son over Europe and died on April 2, 2005, the same day as a partial eclipse over the Americas.  Additionally, it was widely known that John Paul II was the worlds’ most widely traveled Pope encircling the globe numerous times and traveling to many countries.  It would be fair to say that the sun shone over his head throughout his rein.

Pope # 112, Petrus Romanus (Pope Francis), the final Pope!  The English translation of the latin motto for this pope is,

“Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people.  The End.”

This Latin motto is the longest and the most precise as well as the most specific of all of the mottos.  Thus far, all have been fulfilled according to the mottos as per the research conducted by Tom Horn and Chris Putnam.  Here is a video link of Chris and Tom speaking on this subject and their book, “Petrus Romanus.”  This last motto gives us a clue to the days we are living in.  Not only is Pope Francis the last pope, but the latin motto describes the dreadful judge, judging his people and then “The End.”  And I thought that the Mayan Prophecies were way out there!  What many do not realize is how these prophecies line up with the Bible specifically the Book of Revelation and as most are aware, the Book of Revelation describes conditions of the end of this world.

Identifying The First Beast (Nation of Earthly Authority) of Revelation Chapter 13!

that was, is not and yet is

Much has been written regarding the prophecies by the Apostle John while he was on the island of Patmos.  Many interpretations of a later day Antichrist have been written by many prophecy buffs such as Hal Lindsey and Tim Lahay to mention a few, yet these vague interpretations have only helped to deceive, whether intentionally or not, for those searching for the truth.

In order to help the reader understand scripture, I need to lay down some ground rules regarding the meaning or interpretation of certain words within the text of scripture.  First and foremost, we must allow the scriptures to interpret the words used in these passages.  The following are a few concrete terms:

  • A Beast is always referred to as a Nation or Earthly Authority.
  • A Woman is a church (often portrayed as true believers depending on the context) and a Whore is a corrupt church.
  • Seven Heads are seven mountains. (Rev 17:9)
  • The Sea represents peoples, tongues, crowds and nations as in nationalities.

There is a bit of mystery in all of this; however, it is the glory of YHVH (God) to conceal such matters but to be revealed by those who have a love for the truth.  If we allow the scriptures to interpret the scriptures, then we can more easily understand what is being described.

Thus, before we can identify who the 7 Kings of Revelation chapter 17 are, we first need to identify the First Beast of Revelation Chapter 13.  There are some great articles that go into greater detail regarding this prophecy; however, for the purpose of this article I will only touch on some of the major points (My notes are in blue).

“And I stood on the sand of the sea (Peoples, crowds, nations, tongues Rev 17:15).  And I saw a beast (Nation or Earthly Authority) coming up out of the sea (Peoples, crowds, nations, tongues), having seven heads (7 mountains, City of Rome) and ten horns, and on his horns ten crowns, and on his head names of blasphemy” 13:1…  “And I seven hills of romesaw one of heads, as having been slain to death (Slain from 1789 to 1929), and his deadly wound was healed (Thanks to the Lateran Treaty of 1929).  And all the world marveled after the beast.” Revelation 13:3

“The beast that you saw, and is not, and is about to come up out of the pit of the deep and goes into destruction…. shall marvel when they see the beast (Nation or Earthly Authority) THAT WAS, AND IS NOT AND YET IS”  Here is the mind having wisdom: The seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman (Church) sits.” Revelation 17:9 (my comments added in blue)

“And there are seven kings: Five have fallen, and one is, and the other has not yet come.  And when he comes, he has to remain a little while. And the beast (Nation or Earthly Authority) that was, and is not, is himself also the eighth, and is of the seven, and goes into destruction”. Revelation 17:10-11

We learn from history that during the period of 534 to 538 AD, Emperor Justinian of Rome granted the pope new powers through consent and an agreement set by law, that raised the pope to spiritual power over the Roman State.  In essence, State and Religion were united under this agreement thus giving the Pope sovereign power and the “Head of all churches”, which started the prophetic clock ticking for 1,260 years until Napoleons’ General, Berthier, seized the pope and its power base in 1798 AD.  During that 1,260 year period, the Roman Catholic Church reined and exercised their power by killing true believers, thus a fulfillment of scripture,

“And the woman (Church) was given two wings of a great eagle, to fly into the wilderness to her place, where she is nourished for a time and times and half a time (1260 years), from the presence of the serpent (Satan).” Revelation 12:14 (see also Daniel 7:25)

” And the dragon (Satan) was enraged with the woman (true church), and he went to fight with the remnant of her seed, those guarding the commands (Torah and Sabbath keepers) of God and possessing the witness of Yahshua Messiah” Revelation 12:17 (my comments added in blue)

We have also learned from history that in the year 538AD, the pope was given a sovereign position by the state of Rome. At that time, the last of the three kings or sovereigns as spoken by the Prophet Daniel, was plucked or removed from power (Daniel 7:20).  These three kings were Burgundians, the Vandals and the Ostrogoths.  It was the year 538AD that the now sovereign Pope had defeated his final enemy of the Ostrogoths and thus a fulfillment of scripture.


In Summation: the St. Malachy Prophecies and their Relevance with the Bible.

There is much more that can be written regarding the 7 kings of Revelation and biblical prophecies of the Antichrist.  What CANNOT BE DENIED is the uncanny correlation between biblical prophetic scripture and “the Prophecies of the Popes” or “the Saint Malachy Prophecies,” as they are known.

This connection confirms the lateness of the hour as it pertains to world affairs and the soon return of Yahshua, the Messiah.  Yet, the world is not awake to the truth.  They have been deceived to such a great extent that they do not even know that the end of days are truly among us just as Yahshua described in Matthew chapter 24.  And, yet there is so much deception that still remains.  Hopefully this article will shed some light in the lateness of the hour in this dark lawless world!

Regarding the image above, I have done my best to portray that which is written regarding Petrus Romanus in his latin motto and the events that are about to take place on earth.  Scripture (Genesis 1:14) tells us that the Creator created the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, “and let them be for signs and appointed times, and for days and years.” The Hebrew word for appointed times is Mow’ed and can also mean appointed feasts.  So, literally, the sun and moon were created for signs and appointed times of his first and second coming as well as significant world events that pertain to Israel.

Above all, it is my desire that all who read this post come to the realization that Yahshua (Jesus), is who he claimed to be and the only way to true salvation only comes through him.  The tribulation is about to embark.  We as believers may find ourselves going through it; however, I am confident we will be granted the protection of YHVH much as the Israelites’ had their protection during the 10 plagues of Egypt.

Within the Past 70 Years, Two Major Prophecies Fulfilled on Feast Days!

Did you know that two major prophecies have been fulfilled on major Feast Days in the past 70 years?  Before I reveal that, I would like to review the Spring Feast of YHVH.  I have created the following  image below to help you make the connection.

Menorah Jewish Feast Days

This image shows the relationship of the Spring and Fall Feast Days to the current time we are living. There will be a number of prophecies that will be fulfilled on these feast days in the near future!

As you will notice from the image, the Spring Feast Days are comprised of the following along with the dates on the Hebraic Calendar:

1.  Passover (Nisan 14)

2.  Unleavened Bread (Nisan 15)

3.  Firstfruits (Nisan 17)

4.  Shavuot (Sivan 7)

Prophecies fulfilled on Feast Days:  These 4 Spring Feast Days are identified on the left hand side of the Menorah.  It was in 34 A.D. that (I believe among others) Yahshua was chosen by his Heavenly Father as the perfect lamb for the remission of sin.  It was on Wednesday, Nisan 14 in 34 AD that he died on that Roman cross.  Contrary to popular belief, Yahshua died on a Wednesday, not a Friday!  You do not get 3 days and 3 nights from Friday, sundown to Sunday, sunrise.  Do the math.  It does not compute!  Rather he died on a Wednesday and arose 72 hours later after sunset on Saturday night/ Sunday morning.  According to, the only time that he could have died on a Wednesday on Passover would have been in 34 AD.  View the link for yourself!

Prophecies Fulfilled on Feast Days: It was on the Feast of Unleavened Bread that he was placed in the grave, and three days (72 hours) later he arose on the Feast of FirstFruits.  An exact fulfillment of prophecy!  Thus, you will notice the “Fulfilled” in green on the image.  50 days later, the Ruach ( Holy Spirit) filled the early followers of Yahshua with his presence as recorded in the book of Acts.  This was the fulfillment of The Feast of Shavuot.

You might be surprised to understand that these Feasts have been rehearsed for thousands of years by the Jewish People.  They are required to follow it and it has become engrained throughout there culture, but I don’t believe they fully understand what the connection is as far as a practical application.  We Christians should understand that the connection is to our Messiah, Yahshua/Jesus.  This is exactly what these Feasts point to.  Not only that, the fall Feasts point to him as well as you will see!

The 6 Years of Tribulation Begins SEPTEMBER 2015!

After giving this some thought for the past 3 months, it has become clear to me that the tribulation may well begin anywhere from this coming eve of Yom Teruah (the Shmitah Release Day 9/14/2015) to Tabernacles of 2015 (9/28/2015) and will last 6 years until all is complete!  This is based upon my theory known as the Richardson Theory.  This would mean that the 6 years of tribulation will not be a 7 year period of time as previously thought and assumed by many Christians worldwide, including myself.  Keep in mind that this is my theory based upon some incredible patterns that I will be summarizing in this post.  Ultimately, time and providence will be the judge as to what is laid out in this article and as such events may or may not come to pass as described!

If the Divine Confirmation chart and the Richardson Theory is correct, as I believe it to be so, then the only other conclusion would be that the tribulation must begin this up and coming September/Tishri 2015.  This theory actually makes more sense than a full 7 years.  Please allow me to explain!

6 years of Tribulation, not 7 Years!

First and foremost, 9/24/2014 ( the eve of Yom Teruah) was a key date.  As you may recall, it was on this date that “he” confirmed a covenant with the many.  The 2,550 days is significant because it point to the eve of Yom Kippur 2021, exactly to that very day as well as June 7th, 1967 pointing to the eve of Tabernacles 2021!  See the Divine Confirmations graph below.

Divine Confirmations of June 7, 1967 and September 24, 2014 that point to Yom Kippur 2021 and Tabernacles 2021!

This is a double Divine Confirmation of two highly significant start dates.  June 7th, 1967 was the exact day when Israel reclaimed Jerusalem and September 24th, 2014 was the day when “he” made a covenant with the many per Daniel 9:27. These two dates point to two other highly significant dates of Yom Kippur 2021 & Tabernacles 2021!  The math is simple: 9-24-14 + 2,550 days = Yom Kippur 2021 & 6-7-67 + 19,830 days = Tabernacles 2021!

Take notice that the final 2,550 days fall precisely between the eve of Yom Teruah 2014 to Yom Kippur 2021 and represent a 7 year period of time.

The 2,550 day period of time is not some made up number, but it’s rather the addition of the 1260 days + 1290 days found in the 12th chapter of the Book of Daniel.  It is the three time periods found in this chapter that point to the Feast Days.  See the graph below titled, Daniel Chapter 12.

Daniel Chapter 12 1260 days, 1290 days, 1335 days point to YomTeruah, Yom Kippur and Shavuot.As can be seen, 2,550 days is the exact amount of days from Tishri 1 to Tishri 10 those dates being the beginning of the fall feast days of Yom Teruah and Yom Kippur respectively.  Be sure to view the Hebraic civil calendar image to see how these two feasts are related to the 7th lunar month of Tishri.  In addition, there are other ways of stating and breaking down these 2,550 prophetic days.  Other ways of saying 2,550 days would be…

  • 86 moons + 10 days
  • 7 Biblical years + 30 days
  • 2,520 days + 30 days
  • 1,260 + 1,290
  • 1,260 + 1,260 + 30 days
  • (7 x 360 days) + 30 days

View Mr. Finley’s image, the Fall Feast of Israel for this revelation.

With that said, these feasts do not always line up with the  2,550 prophetic days.  In other words, about 75% of the time, the amount of days between Yom Teruah to Yom Kippur ends up being 2,579 days or 2580 days and would not qualify for the 2,550 prophetic days.  Hence, only about 25% of the time, certain 7 year cycles would line up.

The reason for this has to do with the Metonic Lunar moon cycle of 86 moons or 87 moons over a 7 year period of time.  By the way, it is the Jewish calendar that incorporates the Metonic lunar moon cycle.  It is basically a repeated series of moon cycles over a 19 solar year period of time.  The cycle is 3, 6, 8, 11, 14, 17 and 19 according to Wikipedia and Gavin Finley who has done a remarkable job in laying this information out on his website.  I have included the image from his site that I think best describes the difference between the 86 moons and the 87 moons and how it confirms starting years in order for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.  This following chart showing the 13th month over a 7 year cycle is particularly important!  See image below…

Metonic lunar moon cycle from 2014 to 2021 with 86 moons

As you will notice, the Metonic Lunar moon cycle confirms just three 7 year periods of time that have 86 moons for the fulfillment of Bible prophecy from a period of time from 2012 to 2021.  Those potential years would be…

  • 2014 to 2021
  • 2017 to 2024
  • 2019 to 2026

Likewise the 7 year periods of time that have 87 moons Would Not fulfill Bible prophecy would be…

  • 2015 to 2022
  • 2016 to 2023
  • 2018 to 2025
  • 2020 to 2027
  • 2021 to 2028

These three periods of time all have one thing in common and that has to do with the 86 moons versus the more common 87 moons.  According to Mr. Finley, it will be on one of these three periods of time that would satisfy the requirements for the 70th week of Daniel.  This of course is an assumption and based upon my research would not begin the 70th week of Daniel, but rather would satisfy the requirements for the start of the 2,550 days.  I will reveal to you the reason for this a little later on in this article.

These dates are also verified by Torah Calendar.  The verified dates are…

  • YT (9/24/2014) +2,550 days = YK (9/17/2021)
  • YT (9/20/2017) +2,550 days = YK (9/13/2024)
  • YT (9/17/2020) +2,550 days = YK (9/19/2029)

Notice the dates is common.  They are…

  • YT (9/24/2014) +2,550 days = YK (9/17/2021)
  • YT (9/20/2017) +2,550 days = YK (9/13/2024)

Thus the two significant start dates of the final 2,550 days would be the eve of Yom Teruah 2014 or 2017.  When you incorporate the 1,335 days into the mix, again, certain years will qualify and certain years would not qualify as verified on Torah Calendar.  See the following…

  • YT 9/24/2014 + 1,335 days = Shavuot 5/21/2018 (3rd month)
  • YT 9/14/2015 + 1,335 days = Shavuot 5/11/2019 (3rd month)
  • YT 9/1/2016   + 1,335 days = 4/28/2020 (NOT Shavuot) (2nd month)
  • YT 9/20/2017 + 1,335 days = Shavuot 5/17/2021 (3rd month)
  • YT 9/9/2018   + 1,335 days = 5/6/2022 (NOT Shavuot) (2nd month)
  • YT 8/30/2019 + 1,335 days = 4/26/2023 (NOT Shavuot) (2nd month)

As you will notice, the common bond is the start dates of 2014 and 2017.  See the following image that confirms this.

start of 2550 days either on Yom Teruah 2014 or 2017. The 2550 days equals 1260 days plus 1290 days.

The Book of Daniel chapter 12 points to the start of the 2,550 days happening on Yom Teruah and completing on Yom Kippur and Shavuot.  Within the next 6 years, there are two years that point to a possible start of the final 2,550 days– 2014 or 2017.

When you incorporate the two Divine Confirmation dates as shown below, the only logical conclusion for the start of the 1,335 days would be the eve of Yom Teruah 2014, as the start of the 1,335 days in 2017 would place Shavuot past 2021 and thus would go beyond the Divine Confirmations.


Confirmation of Yom Kippur 2021 & Tabernacles of 2021

This is the double confirmation graph showing the confirmations of the two highly significant dates of June 7th, 1967 and September 24th, 2014 as can be viewed on the Divine Confirmation graph. These two dates point to two other highly significant dates of Yom Kippur of 2021 & Tabernacles of 2021!  Both dates are confirmed through as well as Torah Calendar.

Another unique feature about the eve of Yom Teruah 2014 is that the rebirth of Israel that happened on the eve of Shavuot 1948.  Israel will be celebrating its 70th year as a Nation on Shavuot 2018.  As you might have guessed it, 1335 days from Yom Teruah 2014 takes place on  Shavuot 2018.

There are simply to many amazing connections with all of this to simply say these are coincidences.  Nothing is by coincidence when it comes to the Creator’s Appointed Feasts especially when you take in account the mid-tribulation sign of 2017!

The Divine Order of His Second Coming (7 x 7)

Because YHVH is an Elohim of Divine Order and Purpose, and sits outside of time, we then can be confident that He will return at his Appointed Feasts.

What has been Revealed is that His Theoretical Return Will BEGIN….

  1.   The 7th Millennium (6,001st year beginning on Yom Teruah 2016)(Lev. 25:9-10)
  2.   The 7th Millennial Year
  3.   The 7th Year of Tribulation
  4.   The 7th Month of Tishri
  5.   The 7th “Day” as in 7th Day Prophetically (Daniel 9:24-27)
  6.   The 7th Feast Day of Tabernacles ( The 6th Feast of Yom Kippur points to the 7th Feast of Tabernacles)
  7.   And finally,  SHMITAH # 7 of 49 of the 121st Jubilee.  Amazing!

There is so much that can be elaborated on this subject; however, do to time and understanding, I need to keep this simple.  As you can see, this is why I have stated that September 2015 must announce the start of the 6 years of Tribulation, because beyond September/Tishri of this year, these correlations and patterns simply do not work.  It simply does not make sense that Yahshua will return at the beginning of the 6th, 5th, 4th and so on years.  The ending of the 6th and the beginning of the 7th day/7th year/7th Millennium/7th Shmitah/7th lunar month/7th Feast of Tabernacles is beyond coincidental.

All of this is a reflection of his Divine nature that is reflected in the creation week, the Sabbath week, the Shmitah year and so on.  This is the reason and for reasons not mentioned in this article for the Richardson Theory.  Yahshua rebuked his generation for not knowing the Mow’ed / Times of his first coming.  Don’t be caught as in a thief in the night!

Your Most Important Decision

The most important decision you can make is to make Yahshua (Jesus) your Messiah!  The Bible records that most people will not live to see his physical return.  Just within the 6th chapter to the 9th chapter of the Book of Revelation, there is a 75% reduction in the world’s population.  And, this is inline with the Georgia Guide Stones  with their ultimate goal of a 95% reduction.  In the future, we all will need a Savior!

For a clearer understanding of these events, be sure to START HERE! The 2014 to 2021 Timeline Explained!

11And I saw the heaven opened, and there was a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Trustworthy and True, and in righteousness He judges and fights.
12And His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on His head were many crowns, having a Name that had been written, which no one had perceived except Himself
13and having been dressed in a robe dipped in blood – and His Name is called: The Word of יהוה.
14And the armies in the heaven, dressed in fine linen, white and clean, followed Him on white horses.
15And out of His mouth goes a sharp sword, that with it He should smite the nations. And He shall shepherd them with a rod of iron. And He treads the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Ěl Shaddai.
16And on His robe and on His thigh He has a name written: SOVEREIGN OF SOVEREIGNS AND MASTER OF MASTERS.  Revelation 19:11-16

The Antichrist Revealed Rosh Hashanah 2014!!!

UNSC Resolution #2178 signed!

UNSC Resolution #2178 signed!

Revised on 8-20-15 to allow for updated information: The following Bible prophecy was fulfilled on (September 24th, 2014) the eve of Yom Teruah/Feast of Trumpets/Rosh Hashanah 2014,

“And he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week..” Daniel 9:27

It would have been on that prophetic day that “he” confirmed a covenant between 15 powerful Nations making up the committee of the United Nations Security Council.   The covenant that was passed was UNSC Resolution #2178 on Foreign Terrorist Fighters.  This covenant was highly significant for various reasons.  The most profound being that date of confirmation #1 that points to the eve of Yom Kippur 2021.  See the image below titled, the Divine Confirmations

This is a double Divine Confirmation of two highly significant start dates. June 7th, 1967 was the exact day when Israel reclaimed Jerusalem and September 24th, 2014 was the day when "he" made a covenant with the many per Daniel 9:27. These two dates point to two other highly significant dates of Yom Kippur 2021 & Tabernacles 2021!

This is a double Divine Confirmation of two highly significant start dates. June 7th, 1967 was the exact day when Israel reclaimed Jerusalem and September 24th, 2014 was the day when “he” made a covenant with the many per Daniel 9:27. These two dates point to two other highly significant dates of Yom Kippur 2021 & Tabernacles 2021!

As can be seen from the simple math, 9/24/2014 plus 2,550 days equals the eve of Yom Kippur 2021.  The other divine confirmation pointing to the eve of Tabernacles 2021.  To understand the reason behind the Divine Confirmation graph, please read my other post titled, the 6 years of Tribulation Begins September 2015 as I lay out the divine patterns associated with the fall feast days from a period of time from 2014 to 2021.  To recap, these two confirmations act as two witnesses and are there by the hand of the Creator as He is an Elohim of purpose, order and high intelligence, whereas significant events have fallen and will continue to fall on the Mow’ed (Appointed Times) of the Fall Feast Days on Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur and Tabernacles as witnessed on the eve of Yom Teruah 2014.

Menorah Jewish Feast Days

This image shows the relationship of the Spring and Fall Feast Days to the current time we are living. There will be a number of prophecies that will be fulfilled on these feast days in the near future!

As can be seen from the Menorah of Appointed Feasts Image above, there have been significant events that have taken place on the feast days.  The Spring Feasts of Passover, Unleavened Bread and First-Fruits were completely fulfilled through Yahshua of Nazareth back almost 2,000 years ago through His death, burial and resurrection.  The middle feast of Shavuot/Pentecost was fulfilled exactly 50 days later by the indwelling of the Ruach/Holy Spirit on the 120 believers as recorded in the Book of Acts.  The Holy Spirit was the Bridal Gift given by the Groom to His Bride.  Refer to Its all About an Ancient Jewish Wedding regarding this.

The Fall Feasts of Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur and Tabernacles have yet to be fulfilled in their entirety, although there have been a few significant events that have transpired namely on the eve of Shavuot 1948 and the eve of Yom Teruah 2014.  View the image above for these events.  As noted in red, there will be a number of Bible prophecies that will be fulfilled on these remaining fall feast days.

You can learn more of the Menorah Feast image by visiting here.  To learn more about the fall feasts and how they apply today, please visit the Fall Feast Days Explained for Christian and Jews.

The Antichrist Revealed Rosh Hashanah 2014

Original post:  The Antichrist  revealed himself on the eve of the Feast of Trumpets/Yom Teruah 2014 as I laid out on my website and videos 3 weeks prior to this event happening.  I was expecting a “peace” plan between Israel and Palestine, yet that is more than likely still a future event!  More than likely, the Peace Plan will take place in September 2015.

The following Bible Prophecy was fulfilled on 9/24/2014, “And he shall make a covenant with the many” (Daniel 9:27). This event happened at the United Nations Security Council.  A Covenant was made between 15 Leaders representing 15 powerful nations and ‘he” revealed himself; can you guess who “he” is?

  1.  A “Covenant with the many…” (Fulfilled on 9/24/2014!)
  2. He was partially revealed on 9/24/2014 (The eve of Yom Teruah) (Video)!


Please click on the following sources as they will confirm this event.

Wikipedia gives an accurate record of the “Presidents” of the United Nations Security Council.  The title “President” is given to all who Chair the UNSC since the year 1946, when the UNSC was set up.  The “President” is in fact the Chairman of the UNSC and as such is under the Authority of the United Nations and not under the authority of his or her particular nation state.

“The Permanent Representative (ambassador) of the state that holds the presidency is usually the president of the Council, but if an official from the state who is higher in authority than the Permanent Representative (such as a foreign minister, prime minister, or head of state) is present in the Council, the higher official is the president.”

Source:  (History of 15 Member Rotating Security Council 1946-2014)

The Antichrist revealed Rosh Hashanah 2014: The following was the “Covenant” that was signed by the 15 member States.  The members who agreed to UNSC resolution # 2178 (Anti-Terror Resolution) were made up of the following Nations…

Argentina, Australia, Azerbaijan, China, France, Jordan, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Nigeria, Korea, Russia, Rwanda, United Kingdom and The United States of America.  This event happened of the eve of Yom Teruah being highly significant to End Times Bible Prophecy.  As you will discover, the eve of the Fall Feast Days has the Creator’s hand print and points to his divine Appointed Times.  (  (UNSC RESOLUTION 2178)

We are living in exciting times as bible prophecy is being fulfilled before our very eyes!  Check back with as I will reveal who “he” is when “he” makes a 7 year peace treaty between Israel and Palestine.  This will probably be hidden very well as this is what the Christian Community is waiting for.  Chances are this will involve the UN and a level of secrecy at some capacity.

In the meantime, watch these videos that were uploaded two days before Yom Teruah 2014.

Daniel’s 49 years began on June 7th, 1967 – Count Down Tribulation Yom Teruah 2014 – Part 2 of 5

In this video, I go over the 3 pillar foundation Graph that is the foundation structure to the entire Timeline.  I pick up on The Creator’s Patterns.  Since He is an Elohim (God) of order, then we will be able to pick up on his orderly patterns and that is exactly what happens in September 2015, thus the name of the site  The foundation is made up of significant events that fall on the Fall Feast Days of Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur and Tabernacles 2015.  You will discover the exact beginning date of Daniel’s Final 49 years that fell on June 7, 1967 when Jerusalem was recaptured for the first time by the Israeli Army, thus placing Jerusalem away from the dominion of the Gentiles to the dominion of the Jewish people for the first time in over 2,000 years.  This date began the prophetic 49 year countdown to the tribulation and the literal return of Yahshua back to this earth. This video also lays out the final Tetrad Blood Moons of 2014 to 2015 with the last Blood Super Moon falling on Tabernacles 2015.

Daniel’s 49 years began on June 7th, 1967 – Count Down Tribulation Yom Teruah 2014 – Part 3 & 4 of 5

Daniel’s 49 years began on June 7th, 1967 – Count Down Tribulation Yom Teruah 2014 – Part 5 of 5


The Feast Days of YHVH!

Appointments are never taken lightly.  Often, it is carefully thought over and planned before an attempt to set the day and time for the appointment is done.  Once set, it is all systems go – no more hesitations, time to showcase what you have, no backing out. The sacredness of appointments is not just for the corporate world.  Even the Most High has set divine “appointments” with us; in fact, He was the first to have done so in our lives.  Sadly, not everyone is aware of that. Thus, many miss their appointments with Him.

Divine appointments are the Creator’s-set days and mow’ed (Appointments) that He Himself has set for us. In Leviticus 23:2, the Hebrew word used for feast was mô‛êd, which means appointment. The timing, reasons, and the manner in which they are celebrated also vary.  The way the celebration happens varies a lot, but in all the feasts there is a lot of praying and singing.

The Biblical fall feasts happen around September, right when Israel is harvesting fruits.  Grapes are harvested for four months starting June until September.  Just as the harvest for grapes tapers off, in comes the harvest for figs, pomegranates, and olives. It is in the month of September that the Fall feast start to happen one by one. The first fall feast is Yom Teruah.

The Feast Days of YHVH

Feast-Day-YHVH-rYom Teruah is a two-day feast, marked by the blowing of trumpets throughout the duration of the feast. The constant blowing of trumpets on Yom Teruah has made the feast known as the Feast of Trumpets. It is a serious day because the blowing of trumpets is actually a reminder for people that Yom Kippur is just around the corner, and they must do their soul-searching immediately! There is a sense of urgency in the air, as the clarion call is sounded.

The shofar is no ordinary instrument for the Hebrew people. It has specific uses, and people take note when the shofar is blown. In the ancient times, it signaled the call to Moses to come up the mountain so he can be receive the Creator’s commandments; it was also used as a signal in times of war or as a warning in times of danger.  Although the aforementioned uses of the shofar are all for grave times, the shofar is also used for the elegant and royal ceremonies such as the coronation of a king. Clearly, the shofar is not an accompaniment for the boring stuff.  It was used to signify events of great importance.

In Yom Teruah, the blowing of shofar reminds people of the ancient Jewish belief that the books of the Almighty are open, about to be written with judgment of every person’s actions in the past year. It is said the books of Elohim is closed at the end of Yom Kippur. Although no one can change what has already been done, thank Elohim one can atone for it! If one does atone for it, forgiveness is extended by the merciful Elohim, and good judgment is entered in the books for the person. Of course no one wants to suffer for one whole year all because of sins that have not been repented of and forgiven for.

For modern day Christians, Yom Teruah still holds meaning. One does not have to be a Jew to observe this feast, because Christians have been grafted into the family of the Almighty. The term used is an agricultural terminology. In layman’s words, Christians are adopted into the Jewish family of YHVH!

Romans 8:14-15 (ISR98)
14For as many as are led by the Spirit of Elohim, these are sons of Elohim.
15For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, “Abba, Father.”

Yom Teruah is not merely a merry making feast or a memorial. It is prophetic as it is supposed to remind the Jews and Christians alike that there will be one final judgment day when Yahshua comes back for all of us.  Daniel 7:10-11 says as much, and this is backed up by 2 Corinthians 5:10.

Zephaniah 1:14-18 sounds off a far more urgent cry for YHVH’s people to repent because the day of Yahshua’s return is drawing near. Over and over, the cry for repentance is repeated. Repetition in the Word of the Creator shows urgency, and this case is no exception. Hurry, hurry, hurry……are you aware of the spiritual times and seasons? Have you been doing your part to the Body of Yahshua?

Do we recognize the signs of the times? One does not have to be a Bible scholar just to be aware of the seasons and times. There are people who have been called to do such things, and perhaps that is not your part. If your part is to tell others what has been revealed to you by the Holy spirit, then you will be held accountable only for that part. No need to sweat the other parts. We were all made to do specific tasks in the Body of Yahshua, and teamwork will accomplish the task.
On a personal level, are you prepared for the return of Yahshua? But before that, are you aware you have a part in the work prior to Yahshua’s return?


Article written by contributor


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Messiah, The King of kings is Coming

The 10th day of the month of Tishri is said to be the holiest day of the year in the Hebrew calendar. Its more commonly known and celebrated as Yom Kippur, the day of Atonement. Atonement comes from the Hebrew word kippurim, which means reconciliation with YHVH.

The word atonement does sound serious for a reason. When you think about getting reconciled with the King, surely, its a cause for celebration. But try imagining the trepidation of having to go before the King when you know you are guilty of having committed acts that you already know He forbids. Esther asked the whole Hebrew people to fast and pray to YHVH in her behalf before she went before king Ahasuerus. Her knees must have shaken while she walked down the aisle, not knowing if she will be handed the sceptre.

The story of Esther is different in some aspect in the sense that she went before a king who had a standing order to kill any uninvited person who dares come before his throne. In the case of sinful man who wants to repent, the assurance has already been given – we have a standing invitation to come boldly before the throne of favour (Heb. 4:16)! So while the anger of YHVH is a fearsome thing, we already know that there is favour for those who humble themselves and repent.

How Yom Kippur Started
The first ever Yom Kippur is narrated on Exodus 32. At that time, the Israelites were all in the wilderness, and Moses was up on the mountain receiving the Ten Commandments from YHVH. YHVH told Moses to go down immediately because the people have sinned! When Moses came down from the mountain, he saw the Israelites dancing in drunken stupor, and engaging in sexual orgy before a golden calf.

Despite the anger of God over what happened, He gave in to Moses’ request for Him not to kill all the Israelites. Moses stood in the gap, and apologized in behalf of the people. And YHVH forgave Israel. We can see how YHVH fulfilled the principle in 2 Chron. 7:14 in this occasion. YHVH is a just YHVH, and will do the same thing again once He sees people humbling down and repenting. Later on, the order was given by YHVH to observe the 10th day of Tishri as a feast, an Atonement, to commemorate how YHVH forgave the people of Israel (Exodus 32).

Meaning of Yom Kippur
Yom Kippur is a time for people to come to repentance before judgment is made. But the feast day is more than a remembrance of the story in Exodus 32, but a prophetic feast as well. In the time of Moses, the command was for the priest to make atonement for the people (Lev. 16:33). Atonement done on this feast day, however, is not only for personal sins, but for the nation, and for the priests as well.

The old covenant believed that the Books of YHVH are open and people will be judged. Yom Kippur is the last opportunity for people to repent of their sins, before judgment is decided over their actions for the past year. The repercussions of whatever sin a person may have will take effect in the coming year. For the present life, the feast of Yom Kippur is important so that sins of the year that is gone will not affect the year that is coming in.

The Blood that Removes Sins
The root word for Kippur is kafar which could have been derived from kofer, meaning ransom or cover. This redemption means to atone by offering a substitute. In the usual celebration of Yom Kippur, the substitute given is the goat or sheep that is offered as a sacrifice. The sacrifice is necessary because Scriptures indicate that blood sacrifice constitutes the fundamental means of atonement (Lev. 17:11).

In the old times, and even in the annual celebration of Yom Kippur held in modern times, animal blood from the sacrifice provided atonement for sins. However, for the grand redemption plan of God, the sacrifice was Yahshua Himself. In the new covenant, atonement had already been done by Yahshua once for all (Hebrews 9:15).

The atonement completed with the death and resurrection of Yahshua, however, will only save a person as a person appropriates the gift of Yahshua. One cannot enjoy a privilege given, or a gift given, unless one accepts the gift, opens it, and uses or enjoys the gift. The same principle applies to the gift of forgiveness of sins and eternal life that had been given with the sacrifice of Yahshua on the cross. One has to receive the gift freely given by YHVH (Eph. 2:8-9) so that one may enjoy it.

Yahshua was needed to sacrifice Himself because the blood of animals will never remove the sins of people (Hebrews 10:4, Jeremiah 2:22, Job 9:30-33). Animal blood only covers the sins of people. Only the blood of Yahshua is able to erase the stain of sin (John 1:29; Heb. 7:27, 9:12, 9:25-28). Yahshua stood as the kofer for man’s sins (Hebrews 10:14).

Prophetic Meaning of Yom Kippur
This feast is also known for the removing of the veil. The Tabernacle was built to specification in the Old Testament. Every measurement and article found in the Tabernacle was, and still is, according to the specifications given by YHVH. Inside the Tabernacle, in the innermost sanctum, is the Holy of Holies.

The Holy of Holies is where the mercy seat is found. This innermost sanctum is separated from the Holy Place by a veil, which is said to be four inches thick and is so much higher than a human being at 60 ft in height. On Yom Kippur, the high priest went inside the Holy of Holies to offer atonement for his own sins and the sins of the people (Heb. 9:7). It is the only day of the year when the high priest is allowed to enter the Holy of Holies.

This barrier that hides the innermost sanctum in the Tabernacle shows that God cannot tolerate any sin in His presence (Habakkuk 1:13). When Yahshua died on the cross, the veil was torn in two! Because of the width, length, and thickness of this veil that covers the Holy of Holies, it is widely believed only YHVH could have torn it in two. This belief is strengthened as the tear in the veil shows it originated from the top, which is quite impossible for man to do.

People who have Yahshua as Messiah are still considered partially veiled (1 Cor. 13:12). Both Jews and Christians are partially veiled. The Jews are veiled where Yahshua as Messiah is concerned, while Christians are veiled where the Torah is concerned.

YHVH wishes to remove the veil, for all to be balanced in what we know and believe about Yahshua and YHVH. Yahshua came to fulfil the law and not to abolish the Torah, so Christians still have to know the Torah (Romans 11:25-29). The Jews, on the other hand, do not know Yahshua as Messiah because Yahshua was presented to them in terminologies and concepts that they do not understand or have different meanings to them. Yahshua was presented to the Jews as Jesus, who looks anything but Jewish. But the Jews need to know that the Scriptures plainly declare that Yahshua is Messiah (Acts 10:36).

Elohim’s promise is that even the partial veil over the Christians and the Jews will be removed (1 Cor. 13:12). This removing of the veil will be done in Messiah (I Cor. 3:13-14). In fact, the prophecy is that Yashua Messiah is coming to remove the veil (Isaiah 15:7-8). Just when this grand event will happen is shown in the graph in this website. It is quite exciting to think that the day when YHVH will wipe away tears, and death is conquered is coming so soon! By the graph in this website, Yom Kippur 2021 is the much awaited day!

Article written by Contributor


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