The Antichrist Revealed Rosh Hashanah 2014!!!

UNSC Resolution #2178 signed!

UNSC Resolution #2178 signed!

Revised on 8-20-15 to allow for updated information: The following Bible prophecy was fulfilled on (September 24th, 2014) the eve of Yom Teruah/Feast of Trumpets/Rosh Hashanah 2014,

“And he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week..” Daniel 9:27

It would have been on that prophetic day that “he” confirmed a covenant between 15 powerful Nations making up the committee of the United Nations Security Council.   The covenant that was passed was UNSC Resolution #2178 on Foreign Terrorist Fighters.  This covenant was highly significant for various reasons.  The most profound being that date of confirmation #1 that points to the eve of Yom Kippur 2021.  See the image below titled, the Divine Confirmations

This is a double Divine Confirmation of two highly significant start dates. June 7th, 1967 was the exact day when Israel reclaimed Jerusalem and September 24th, 2014 was the day when "he" made a covenant with the many per Daniel 9:27. These two dates point to two other highly significant dates of Yom Kippur 2021 & Tabernacles 2021!

This is a double Divine Confirmation of two highly significant start dates. June 7th, 1967 was the exact day when Israel reclaimed Jerusalem and September 24th, 2014 was the day when “he” made a covenant with the many per Daniel 9:27. These two dates point to two other highly significant dates of Yom Kippur 2021 & Tabernacles 2021!

As can be seen from the simple math, 9/24/2014 plus 2,550 days equals the eve of Yom Kippur 2021.  The other divine confirmation pointing to the eve of Tabernacles 2021.  To understand the reason behind the Divine Confirmation graph, please read my other post titled, the 6 years of Tribulation Begins September 2015 as I lay out the divine patterns associated with the fall feast days from a period of time from 2014 to 2021.  To recap, these two confirmations act as two witnesses and are there by the hand of the Creator as He is an Elohim of purpose, order and high intelligence, whereas significant events have fallen and will continue to fall on the Mow’ed (Appointed Times) of the Fall Feast Days on Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur and Tabernacles as witnessed on the eve of Yom Teruah 2014.

Menorah Jewish Feast Days

This image shows the relationship of the Spring and Fall Feast Days to the current time we are living. There will be a number of prophecies that will be fulfilled on these feast days in the near future!

As can be seen from the Menorah of Appointed Feasts Image above, there have been significant events that have taken place on the feast days.  The Spring Feasts of Passover, Unleavened Bread and First-Fruits were completely fulfilled through Yahshua of Nazareth back almost 2,000 years ago through His death, burial and resurrection.  The middle feast of Shavuot/Pentecost was fulfilled exactly 50 days later by the indwelling of the Ruach/Holy Spirit on the 120 believers as recorded in the Book of Acts.  The Holy Spirit was the Bridal Gift given by the Groom to His Bride.  Refer to Its all About an Ancient Jewish Wedding regarding this.

The Fall Feasts of Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur and Tabernacles have yet to be fulfilled in their entirety, although there have been a few significant events that have transpired namely on the eve of Shavuot 1948 and the eve of Yom Teruah 2014.  View the image above for these events.  As noted in red, there will be a number of Bible prophecies that will be fulfilled on these remaining fall feast days.

You can learn more of the Menorah Feast image by visiting here.  To learn more about the fall feasts and how they apply today, please visit the Fall Feast Days Explained for Christian and Jews.

The Antichrist Revealed Rosh Hashanah 2014

Original post:  The Antichrist  revealed himself on the eve of the Feast of Trumpets/Yom Teruah 2014 as I laid out on my website and videos 3 weeks prior to this event happening.  I was expecting a “peace” plan between Israel and Palestine, yet that is more than likely still a future event!  More than likely, the Peace Plan will take place in September 2015.

The following Bible Prophecy was fulfilled on 9/24/2014, “And he shall make a covenant with the many” (Daniel 9:27). This event happened at the United Nations Security Council.  A Covenant was made between 15 Leaders representing 15 powerful nations and ‘he” revealed himself; can you guess who “he” is?

  1.  A “Covenant with the many…” (Fulfilled on 9/24/2014!)
  2. He was partially revealed on 9/24/2014 (The eve of Yom Teruah) (Video)!


Please click on the following sources as they will confirm this event.

Wikipedia gives an accurate record of the “Presidents” of the United Nations Security Council.  The title “President” is given to all who Chair the UNSC since the year 1946, when the UNSC was set up.  The “President” is in fact the Chairman of the UNSC and as such is under the Authority of the United Nations and not under the authority of his or her particular nation state.

“The Permanent Representative (ambassador) of the state that holds the presidency is usually the president of the Council, but if an official from the state who is higher in authority than the Permanent Representative (such as a foreign minister, prime minister, or head of state) is present in the Council, the higher official is the president.”

Source:  (History of 15 Member Rotating Security Council 1946-2014)

The Antichrist revealed Rosh Hashanah 2014: The following was the “Covenant” that was signed by the 15 member States.  The members who agreed to UNSC resolution # 2178 (Anti-Terror Resolution) were made up of the following Nations…

Argentina, Australia, Azerbaijan, China, France, Jordan, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Nigeria, Korea, Russia, Rwanda, United Kingdom and The United States of America.  This event happened of the eve of Yom Teruah being highly significant to End Times Bible Prophecy.  As you will discover, the eve of the Fall Feast Days has the Creator’s hand print and points to his divine Appointed Times.  (  (UNSC RESOLUTION 2178)

We are living in exciting times as bible prophecy is being fulfilled before our very eyes!  Check back with as I will reveal who “he” is when “he” makes a 7 year peace treaty between Israel and Palestine.  This will probably be hidden very well as this is what the Christian Community is waiting for.  Chances are this will involve the UN and a level of secrecy at some capacity.

In the meantime, watch these videos that were uploaded two days before Yom Teruah 2014.

Daniel’s 49 years began on June 7th, 1967 – Count Down Tribulation Yom Teruah 2014 – Part 2 of 5

In this video, I go over the 3 pillar foundation Graph that is the foundation structure to the entire Timeline.  I pick up on The Creator’s Patterns.  Since He is an Elohim (God) of order, then we will be able to pick up on his orderly patterns and that is exactly what happens in September 2015, thus the name of the site  The foundation is made up of significant events that fall on the Fall Feast Days of Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur and Tabernacles 2015.  You will discover the exact beginning date of Daniel’s Final 49 years that fell on June 7, 1967 when Jerusalem was recaptured for the first time by the Israeli Army, thus placing Jerusalem away from the dominion of the Gentiles to the dominion of the Jewish people for the first time in over 2,000 years.  This date began the prophetic 49 year countdown to the tribulation and the literal return of Yahshua back to this earth. This video also lays out the final Tetrad Blood Moons of 2014 to 2015 with the last Blood Super Moon falling on Tabernacles 2015.

Daniel’s 49 years began on June 7th, 1967 – Count Down Tribulation Yom Teruah 2014 – Part 3 & 4 of 5

Daniel’s 49 years began on June 7th, 1967 – Count Down Tribulation Yom Teruah 2014 – Part 5 of 5



  1. I just don’t understand all these Jewish dates and things… Its hard for me to follow it.

  2. I understood that the antichrist is actually supposed to be the Mahdi that the muslims are looking for. It seems incongruous that he would also be considered by the Jews to be their long awaited Jewish Messiah. Can you shed some light on how Obama would fit both of those men in one when one group worships Allah and the other YHVH God? I just can’t see the Jews allowing a muslim Mahdi to get anywhere near their temple or temple grounds.

    I have another question about the covenant on 9/24/14 with the many. Since this did not start either the Tribulation or the 70th week of Daniel, did this agreement start anything at all except for the 2,550 day count?

    Last question: Were the popes all false prophets or were they all antichrists, or both, especially the last 8 popes?

    • Phil

      July 17, 2015 at 11:57 am

      I agree with you! I can’t see the Jewish People accepting Mr. Obama as the messiah either. It is a hard pill to swallow and this is why September 2015 will offer clarity. More than likely he is the Mahdi to the Muslims as you just described.

      It is interesting that within Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism (making up about 70% to 75% of the world’s population) all speak of one messiah figure that will come to save them and to restore order. There may in fact be one central figure that would satisfy to be the messiah for all these religions. I call him Maitreya and whether he shows up on the world scene in order to deceive is yet to be seen.

      9/24/14 identifies President Obama as either the antichrist or very instrumental in the fulfillment of Bible prophecy and possibly announcing a Maitreya type figure; whereas Pope Francis is the World’s religious (False Prophet) figure who will “Unite” the World under a Babylonian religion! Lately he has been speaking about a need for a “New World Order” and a need for “Sustained Development”and don’t forget that he is speaking before Congress on Yom Kippur 2015.

      Regarding the Popes, because of the Lateran Treaty, the final 8 Popes are in fact Kings. Most people identify them as simply religious figures; however, there is a huge power structure behind the Vatican. There is no doubt that the Popes are types of antichrists that have been able to “change laws and times” as they have especially when you consider that the Gregorian Calendar is in use today by the vast majority of the world. We will simply need to wait to see what events transpire in September. One things is for sure, the Popes visit to Congress and then the United Nations on Yom Kippur is a big deal and something to keep an eye on.

      • I have seen much of your website and am very impressed with your timelines and observance of the signs in the heavens. I, too, have followed Rabbi Cahn, Mark Biltz, and Scottie Clarke and Gavin Finley. Your website caught my eye just yesterday quite by accident. I sure agree that the Pope’s address to Congress and then the UN on Yom Kippur should hopefully be very enlightening.

        Your replies to my questions had brought up a couple more questions for me. One is that should Obama not turn out to be the antichrist and it is say Maitreya, wouldn’t that negate the agreement/”covenant with the many for one week” made on Sept. 24, 2014 by Obama? Also on that date, do we know for certain if it was for one week or 7 days of years? (Dan. 9:27)

        Relative to the question I have above about the antichrist, Daniel 7:8 says a “little horn” would arise among 10 horns that would take out 3 horns or kings of 3 countries when it arises. I was led to believe this “little horn” (prince by definition) would be the antichrist. Does this fit with the prince that shall come? Also, a prince is not a king or president but is equal to a lower-titled leader, such as a prime minister or governor. So wouldn’t this rule out Obama as the antichrist as he is not a “little horn” but a President? Maybe these things have already happened in the past and is not speaking about the here and now.

        It says in Daniel 2:43 “whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men; but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.” Does this have to do with the final world empire Daniel saw in his dream where the legs are made of iron and the toes are clay, meaning that the last world empire (New World Order) would be comprised of a strong element of iron (maybe Satanic/demonic) that really does not ever mix with the weaker element of clay (human)? I’m really stretching there, but the phrase “seed of men” makes me think of DNA twitching that eventually is destructive of the souls of men (the mark), so Christ came and finally destroyed this set-up of Satan’s 3-1/2 years of joint leadership with the antichrist and false prophet. Thanks for all your help. God bless you for all the work you are doing.

        • Phil

          July 18, 2015 at 10:35 pm

          Regarding the “Covenant with the Many” on September 24, 2014, I know that was very significant because it is one of the two confirmation dates that fall on the eve of Yom Kippur, 2021. It is because of this that we need to place a great significance on what happened that day. The Covenant that was made was with 15 powerful nations and not a covenant with Israel as I believe that we may witness this covenant within September 2015 with Israel.

          While driving home just today, a thought came to mind that the significance with what transpired on the eve of Yom Teruah 2014 may tie into Revelation 6:2, “And I looked and saw a white horse, and he who sat on it holding a bow. And a crown was given to him, and he went out overcoming and to overcome.”

          This verse speaks of the antichrist who was given a crown to overcome riding a white horse. White represents righteousness and peace because it will be Yahshua who will come back riding a white horse as well. In other words, the antichrist will attempt to highjack the role of the true Messiah. There is no question that the “President” of the UNSC acted as king on that day as he was acting under the authority of the United Nations (World Government). The legislation that passed (UNSC Resolution #2178) bound in agreement the most powerful countries in the world to declare war on ISIS. Yet, Ironically, ISIS has risen in power and continue to increase in strength and in number. Is there more than meets the eye going on here?

          Ultimately, the opening of the first seal happened then. Interestingly, the next verse states that the opening of the second seal identifies the rider of the red horse who would take peace from the earth.,” And when He opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature saying, “Come and see.” And another horse, fiery red, went out. And it was given to the one who sat on it to take peace from the earth, and that they should slay one another. And a great sword was given to him.” Revelation 6:3-4

          The riders are kings and the horses represent the nation of that king. What I have been able to identify is that the colors represent the color of the nations flags. Red is symbolic of Russia and China, whereas black would represent ISIS and the pale (green) horse would represent the Islamic countries since a great majority have the same green in their nations flags.

          Thus, the opening of the second seal would identify war with Russia and/or China. It is interesting to see that Russia will “chair” the UNSC in September 2015. Will Russia be given the opportunity to create their own covenant with say the Psalm 83 nations? I believe this to be more than a coincidence.

          Regarding the little horn, this may identify more of the Popes based upon my research. It is documented that 3 kings were taken out earlier on when they were rising in power. This could also represent a double prophetic fulfillment of today. Don’t forget what happened in 2011 with the Arab Springs with Egypt and Libya leadership being taken out as well. Was this a fulfillment of Daniel 11:43? I don’t have time to get into all of that, but multiple kings were replaced.

          With regard to the seeds of men, I would suggest you watch some videos by Rob Skiba who understands how this all ties in with the Nephilim.

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