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I work in the Construction industry as an occupation and am a husband and a father.  I would describe myself as a jack of all trades and someone who likes to challenge myself by trying new things.  I suppose this is why I consider myself a jack of all trades, because I like the challenge of learning something new, applying this new skill and not paying someone who has the knowledge and skill to do it for me. It was for this reason that I learned Photoshop and how to build websites using WordPress some years back that have really come in handy this past year with this website as a prime example.

My most recent challenge has been researching and writing my first book titled, SEPTEMBER 2021 – The Signs and Appointed Feast of Messiah from September 2015 to September 2021.   This in itself was a huge learning curve that took many, many hours to accomplish in terms of research, writing, formatting, editing, producing images, building websites and adding content (about 6 months).  In addition I found that I needed to adjust my writing style and to re-learn how to write in such a way as to communicate my ideas as effectively as possible and to a wide audience being made up of mostly westernized Christians and Jews.  Hopefully I was able to accomplished this goal, yet I won’t know for some time as I just published this book last week (8-13-15).  Hopefully, you will get a chance to at least read the Introduction and/or Chapter One.

To clarify, I am not a Pastor nor a Prophet and I stopped going to Sunday Church altogether.  I do however, meet in other peoples homes for fellowship, prayer and scripture reading on Saturday.  I consider myself a Gentile believer in Messiah who has been grafted into the Olive Tree of Israel through Yahshua. I do have a deep passion for understanding the things of the Creator and comprehending scripture the way it was always meant to be and that being through a Hebraic understanding versus a water downed Greek understanding

Additionally, I have a deep passion for understanding the greatest mysteries of mankind past and future.  I have a great understanding of how Satan has manipulated mankind and governments to the point of where we are today and how he will continue to do so in these final days.

Before  publishing my recent book, I was in the process of writing another book focusing of the three foundation pillars and other topics such as the mid-tribulation sign.  The focus of that book I was in the process of writing was with regard to the divine connections to the Fall Feasts of Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur and Tabernacles of 2015.  Thus, my original domain name of  In addition, I registered (mid-tribulation sign) and because of the  highly significant events that will happen during these months and years.  My goal will be to continue to write and update these sites with fresh and relevant content in the years to come with the focus on the Messiah’s return.

Please visit the Date Setting DISCLOSURE page as this will help you understand why I have chosen to incorporate specific future dates.

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