Daniel’s 70th

shabuaThe number 70 is very significant in bible prophecy.  Since the Re-Birth of Israel on the eve of Shavuot 1948, that mighty number 70 shows up again!

The Jewish Nation was in Babylon for 70 years as a judgement. The Temple Mount was destroyed on the 9th day of Av in 70 CE and Daniel’s 70 weeks may be scripted to mean 70 years as a “triple” prophetic fulfillment.

Within the 9th Chapter of Daniel, the word for weeks is Shabuwa and can mean “a period of 7 days or years”.  What is interesting is that the MYSTERY of The 70th Shabuwa could mean…

10 sets of “7 years” adding up to 70 years total.

10 is the number that represents completion and order and thus we find that exactly 70 Hebrew years from the eve of Shavuot 1948, lands on May 14th, 2018, just 7 days before Shavuot.  I believe this will be extreme testing on Israel and the World!

As I have gone over, my theory states that the 70th week (the last week or 7 Years) begins on Yom Kippur 2015 and will be cut short by one year on Tabernacles 2021. This time frame fits into Daniel’s Final “six days” PRECISELY !  And, we also observe that 70 years from Shavuot 1948 places the date to May 2018, in roughly the Great Tribulation period of time.  Determining the midpoint of tribulation is difficult to calculate at this point but may span up to the Spring Feast days of 2019 depending on when the Midpoint is calculated.  I am not sure, but something to keep an eye on.